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Tommy Wiseau Continues His Strange Quest To Play The Joker

If you thought the Wiseau Gravy Train had ground to a halt after ‘The Disaster Artist' came and went from theatre screens, then, boy, you don’t know the internet.

As fans of ‘The Room’ auteur probably know, actor Tommy Wiseau has been fronting a campaign to play the Joker in an official Batman production, and the Nerdist, the philanthropic saints that they are, have been trying to help him.

First, the site shot a straight-forward audition tape that made its way around the internet but was quickly forgotten. Hoping to create a clip that will make a more lasting impression, the Nerdist has decided to decided to bankroll an entire scene.

The clip, reshot from the 2008 classic The Dark Knight, boasts some pretty impressive production values as well as a prototypical Wiseau performance, as he overacts lines originally delivered by the late Heath Ledger.

You know, in all honesty, he isn’t that bad. Hell, given DC’s current batshit plan for giving everyone and their dog their own Joker movie, Wiseau just might get his yet.

Watch the clip below.



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