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Tommy Chong's Advice For Jeff Sessions: 'Instead Of Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass, Try Inhaling It'

Cheech and Chong are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the iconic stoner comedy 'Up in Smoke' with some words of wisdom for Attorney General Jeff Sessions - one of the most outspoken opponents of cannabis legalization today.

The comedy duo were recently featured on Al Roker's new web series 'COLD CUTS.' While the bulk of the conversation revolved around Cheech and Chong's reflections on the 40th anniversary of their breakout film, Roker did take some time to ask them about how they feel about the movement to legalize cannabis.

"I think it should be legal," Cheech said.

"It's medicine," Chong added. "It was medicine 5,000 years ago in China, and now it's back to being a medicine again."

Cheech also pointed out the financial benefits of legalization.

"It can be sold, and you get tax money that can go to our schools and fire departments. Come on Jeff," he said, calling out Sessions.

Then Chong offered his own appeal to the attorney general. 

"My messages to Jeff Session, instead of blowing smoke up your ass, try inhaling it."

We couldn't agree more with Chong on this one.

Check out the whole interview in the clip above.

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