Tommy Chong Says the XFL Should Legalize Marijuana

Many people were excited by WWE CEO Vince McMahon's announcement that the XFL, a football league that attempts to add unusual elements, would be coming back in 2020. And many of those people have started listing changes to the XFL they'd like to see. But none had a better suggestion than Tommy Chong.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, the comedian and marijuana enthusiast said the XFL should allow players to use marijuana to help treat pain and concussions sustained while playing. The NFL currently prohibits players from using cannabis as a pain treatment, which has caused a lot of criticism from fans. Chong said allowing marijuana would be a great way for the XFL to set itself apart from the NFL.

In his announcement about reviving the XFL, McMahon said he would not allow lawbreakers to participate in the league. Chong noted that considering marijuana is becoming legal in more states, particularly for medical use, players who consume cannabis would not necessarily be breaking the law.

It may be too early to determine whether the XFL will allow marijuana, and perhaps even the NFL will have changed its policies by 2020. But that would certainly make the XFL a more intriguing entertainment product.

(h/t TMZ)


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