3 Reasons Why Tommy Chong Should Be Bernie Sanders' Running Mate

Tommy Chong finally released his much-anticipated endorsement video of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. It's not the one-note serenade to cannabis legalization that those less familiar with Chong might anticipate.

Chong's endorsement of Sanders is so well executed because it combines an understanding of his lifelong activism experience with his business acumen. We naturally considered that he may be angling for the VP position alongside the senator from Vermont.

Ok, so given his stoner stereotype, the premise is a little thin. And the likelihood the likes of Tommy Chong will soon occupy a seat alongside Sanders is, frankly, a bit absurd. But, it might not be unmerited.

From watching the endorsement ad, we can consider this:

  1. Like Bernie Sanders, Tommy Chong isn't a fan of being beholden to corporations, political parties or Super PACs. Tommy Chong's endorsement ad isn't even officially associated with Bernie Sanders' campaign. When Chong needed a video, he went all grassroots.
  2. Chong gets that legalization isn't the primary motivator for most Americans votes. Oh, sure, polls suggest more than half of Americans support legalization, but as Chong points out, they also understand the importance of fair immigration policies, a real living wage, and equality. It's worth noting that Chong discusses these points before his obvious pet issue of cannabis legalization.
  3. And let's talk about where they stand on cannabis. Sanders and Chong agree on legalization. That means not decriminalization, not a complicated medical system that drives patients to the black market, and not a system where police discretion means that cannabis is essentially legalized for some portions of society while other groups of people, like visible minorities, are targeted for prosecution.

Still not convinced? Watch Chong's video for yourself, you may be surprised.


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