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We Rank Tom Brady's Funny Foot Locker Ad

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's recent Foot Locker ad went viral last week. But where does it stand among the funniest celebrity endorsements of all time?

The commercial features two average joes wondering how Foot Locker manages to stay ahead of the game over the years. When they start speculating that the sports apparel chain is up to something, funny Tom Brady - who may have been up to something himself, according to his detractors - came to Foot Locker's defence.

"Just become something's great year after year doesn't mean anything's going on. Why can't some things just be great?" he says, poking fun at the Deflategate scandal.

Check out the ad below and scroll through our gallery to check out the funniest celebrity commercials of all time.


Betty White Talks Trash For Snickers

Tom Brady isn't the only defensive spokesperson. Betty White got testy on the gridiron in a 2010 Snickers ad. When a teammate calls out her poor effort, White says her game was good enough for his girlfriend.

Bruce Williams Busts A Move For Wine Coolers

If you thought Betty White looked out of place on the football field, wait till you see Bruce Willis boogie in a Seagram's Wine Coolers ad from the mid 80s. The Die Hard star frolics through a foggy soundstage like he's in a Prince video.

Schwarzenegger's Magic Lamp Drink

Willis' wine cooler ad is funny, but when it comes to hilarious beverage pitches, no one tops Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1990 commercial for the Japanese energy drink Alinamin V.

The premise, rub the bottle like a magic lamp and Schwarzenegger will grant for wishes for wealth. The former California governor doesn't say much in the ad. He lets his maniacal laughter do the talking for him.

James Brown's Sex Machine Soup

If you want a different kind of energy, check out Japan's Miso Noodles. Back in the 90s, James Brown represented the brand with a parody of his 1970 hit Get Up (I Feel Like a) Sex Machine. Call it Ramen Sutra.

Pizza Hut Teases Us with a Beatles Reunion

When Pizza Hut first introduced stuffed crust pizza in the 90s, their goal was getting customers to eat slices crust first. And the fast food chain knew just the right man to convince them: Ringo Starr, of course. The Beatle pitched the idea in a commercial teasing viewers with the idea of a Beatles reunion before revealing that he was actually saying it was time to finally start scarfing pizza backwards.

Then he was joined on screen by three members of the Monkees because... well, this ad was never going to make sense, was it?

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