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5 Best Tips For Taking A Marijuana Tolerance Break

We love cannabis. Don't get us wrong. Marijuana makes our day.  But all things in moderation, right? (Including moderation.)

Whether it's a New Year's resolution, an impending drug test, travel plans to one of these places, the realization that you're getting paranoid/not as high, or, god forbid, a court order or probation, people have many different reasons for taking a marijuana tolerance break. But before you forge, unprepared, into a weedless existence, here are five tips for your cannabis smoking sabbatical.

1. Not all breaks are created equal

Even moderate consumers will need at least up to a week off the grass to clear their head and reset the clock. If you're a Cheech and Chong-level chronic looking to pass an employee drug test, get ready to hone your willpower: THC can be detected in your system for as long as 100 days after long-term use. Think about what you want to achieve and plan accordingly. Make sure to inform your smoking buddies of your decision: this keeps you accountable.

2. Tech is your friend

We're in no way equating smoking marijuana with smoking tobacco; however, many of the apps designed to help cigarette smokers kick the habit also work for those trying to take a break from weed. The Marijuana Anonymous app is designed for those looking to make a more permanent change. If you like to double down on your vices, think of this as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

3. Don't drink

See above. "Whaaaaat?" you may ask incredulously. "Pot and booze AT THE SAME TIME?!" But we're serious. Think about it. Depending on your personal relationship with booze, a messy night out could result in you feeling so fine you throw caution to the wind and end up in a haze of bong hits chased with craft brews. If you're serious about quitting, you'd do well to avoid any temptation to lose your edge.

4. Take care of yourself

As Leafly advises, a regime of overall self-care will increase the impact of pressing the "reset" button. Do things that offer some sort of reward or make you feel great about yourself. Dance. Drink lots of water. Go hiking or rock-climbing. Sleep and eat right. All this will make the process as painless as possible.

5. Your tolerance will take a hit

If you're a regular user, temporary abstinence means you'll get very high when you do rejoin the fold: scale back accordingly. As High Times states, tolerance also depends on the quality, as well as the quantity, of your preferred pot. The cannabinol (CBN), in outdoor/old/crappier product can account for the memory issues and grogginess that may have prompted your decision to take a break in the first place. So when you are ready to quit quitting, get the best stuff you can - and experience that honeymoon-style bliss all over again.

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