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5 Craft Beers To Welcome The Season Of Sweaters And Sunday Afternoon Football

The cold fall winds signal the beginning of sweater season and Sunday afternoon football games in front of the TV, or inside increasingly frigid stadiums (if you're in the northern states, that is). If you’re the type of person that believes sipping is the best way to get into the spirit of the season, you’ve come to the right place; the universe of great craft beer is seemingly infinite these days but Civilized has rounded up five fall-friendly craft beers for your toasty guzzling pleasure.

1. Autumn Maple, The Bruery: This unique spin on a pumpkin ale from The Bruery in Orange County, California, unites hints of yam, maple syrup, allspice, vanilla, molasses, cinnamon, nutmeg and the brewery’s own Belgian yeast strain. This bold and spicy brew comes in at a punchy 10 percent ABV – perfect for warming you up on those days when the temperature seems bent on bringing you down.

2. Dead Ringer Oktoberfest, Ballast Point Brewing Company: Billed as a “fresh take on a traditional festival beer,” this lager from San Diego, California’s Ballast Point Brewing Company inspires notes of toasted malt and caramel toffee. At 5.7 percent ABV, this beer is said to be best enjoyed with bratwurst sausage, butternut squash soup and beer cheese. The best part? “No lederhosen required.”

3. Autumnation, Sixpoint Brewery: This golden-orange hop harvest ale from Brooklyn, New York’s Sixpoint Brewery features flavors of citrus, berry and pine in yet another interesting twist on the traditional pumpkin beer. Mildly spicy at 6.7 percent ABV, this brew also contains notes of ginger and cinnamon – just the ticket for those chilly afternoons spent piling wood or carving a pumpkin. 

4. Steve Austin’s Broken Skull IPA, Inside The Cellar: Described as a “bad-ass IPA” by Inside The Cellar, this 6.7 percent ABV from El Segundo Brewing Co. in El Segundo, California, is said to incorporate just the right amount of toffee-like sweetness while promising a “big flavour with an easy finish.”

5. Fall Saison, Blackberry Farm Brewery: Crafted with spelt, rye and oats, this harvest ale from Blackberry Farm Brewery in Walland, Tennessee is billed as “autumn in a glass.” At 5.7 percent ABV, this bready brew fuses flavours of toffee, vanilla and two types of rye malt – the perfect combination of sweet fall flavours.

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