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5 Tips To Boost Your Life Expectancy From Countries With The Highest Life Expectancies

Nobody can avoid death, but we can play keep away with the grim reaper by juggling work with the healthy, active lifestyles led by people in the 5 countries with the longest average lifespans. Here are their tips for boosting your life expectancy.

5. Switzerland: Cheese and Day-cations

Swiss men might enjoy their 81 average years of life on earth thanks to cheese and day-tripping. Recent research suggests that Switzerland's love of dairy products could be the secret to their long life. And if nothing else, the abundance of Swiss cheese keeps their bones strong enough to go on day trips around the scenic region featuring the famous Alps.

4. Spain: Más Siestas, Por Favor

Spaniards live an average lifespan of 82.8 years thanks to their Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil and fresh vegetables. But they probably wouldn't have time to eat right if it weren't for siestas - those mid-day breaks from 2:00-5:00 PM that let them plan wholesome meals while North Americans scramble to eat on the go.

“If you have a continuous shift and just a half an hour break for lunch, then you eat a quick takeaway," Barcelona tour guide Miquel Àngel Diez i Besora told the BBC recently. "On the contrary, if you are forced to stop for two or three hours, then you go home or go to a restaurant where you can sit down, eat two courses and dessert, and have time enough to digest well, it’s going to be healthier than a takeaway.”

3. Singapore: Public Exercise and Therapeutic Gardens

Residents in the southeast Asian city state can expect to live an average of 83.1 years on account of a lifestyle that promotes physical and mental health. Singaporeans commonly exercise in public parks and rejuvenate their minds by visiting relaxation hotspots like HortPark - a therapeutic garden whose lush greenery and diverse plants improve the mental health of visitors by offering a calming retreat from the bustle of city life.

2. South Korea: Fermented Foods and Anti-Individualism

South Korea is on track to become the first country with an average life expectancy of 90 years. And they might owe that historic achievement to their diet, which is rich in fermented foods known for combating cholesterol, improving immunity and reducing the risk of developing cancer. And they keep their minds healthy by engaging in group activities and traditions that stress the importance of community and cooperation over individualism.

1. Japan: Tofu and Friends

Okinawa and other islands in southern Japan are home to over 400 centenarians, which is much more than most other countries can boast. The secret might involve the lifestyle of these Pacific islanders, which involves eating a lot of tofu, sweet potatoes and a little fish while engaging in active social lives with family and friends to reduce stress and increase a sense of belonging.

h/t BBC Travel


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