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7 Tips for Using Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis-infused topical products are all the rage right now, and with good reason. Unlike body-care products made with hemp seed oil, cannabis topicals are made with significant amounts of cannabinoids (the chemical compounds unique to marijuana) with an aim to provide relief from a wide range of physical symptoms, such as body pain, muscle tension, swelling/inflammation, and allergic reactions. Some cannabis topicals are gentle enough to use every day as a moisturizer, while others are made to produce temporary hot or cold effects that compliment the cannabinoids' actions.

These therapeutic lotions, salves, oils, ointments, balms, and bath salts don't induce the psychoactive “stoned” effects like inhaling or ingesting cannabis does, so recreational users might overlook topical products as useless, but they do allow cannabinoids to interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors in our skin to offer other benefits. To help get the best out of the ever-expanding selection these products, here we offer seven tips for using cannabis topicals.

1. Know where the right place is on your body where you should apply your cannabis topical products. Most body aches have an obvious source that corresponds with the site of pain, but you should know for sure where your discomfort is stemming from.

2. Clean your hands and the area where you're going to apply a cannabis topical product before applying it. You don't want to rub in any unwanted dirt, sweat, or excess body oil into your skin. However, don't apply cannabis topicals right before or after showering, bathing, or swimming.

3. Dry your skin completely before applying your cannabis topical product.

4. Use a generous amount of the cannabis topical; it takes a significant portion to feel the effects and many people apply a second or third coat.

5. Vigorously massage your cannabis topical into your skin. Rub the topical in firmly, but don't apply excessive pressure that can make the pain worse.

6. Wash your hands after applying your cannabis topical so you don't accidentally spread it your mouth, eyes, or anywhere else you don't want it.

7. Don't expect a miracle cure from cannabis topicals; while many people claim that these products greatly improve their physical symptoms, it's unrealistic to think that they can cure every body pain you have.


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