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Light Up Their Life: 5 Tips For Gifting Weed

A bottle of booze has long been the go-to for that hard-to-buy-for acquaintances. After all, (almost) everyone appreciates free drinks. And you get bonus points for remembering Grant's favorite chardonnay, or Jane's preferred single-malt.

But in the 11th hour for Christmas shopping, last-minute types have an even better option - something fun to receive, not a marked-down bottle of Baja Rosa.

More people are gifting cannabis - whether it's a few pre-rolled joints for the dinner party hostess, a get-well care package of special cookies or a carefully selected sampler pack of strains to light up the holidays.

Here are five tips if you want to go green with your gift-giving.

1. Make sure it's cool with them

Give only to those who you're positive will be pleased to receive. The last thing you want is to freak out your friends with an unscheduled delivery of a Schedule I substance.

2. Do your homework

Once you've done a bit of recon, dig a little deeper into their preferences. Do they need to mellow? A boost of energy? Use Leafly or your friendly neighborhood budtender to get the perfect strain, and don't forget to include a little info about it on the card.

3. Personalize it

Traditionalist? Make it a joint. Creative type? Add some custom glassware. Anti-smoking? Pick edibles. Since good stuff can be expensive, and hard to get depending on your location, a little consideration of their preferences and habits is a good plan (as with any gift, really).

4. Safety first

Keep the holidays happy. Don't leave cannabis under the tree if there are kids or pets around. Include a little note on the strength and dosage of edibles. Also: don't rely on UPS for this delivery, for obvious reasons.

5. Wrap it right

The right packaging elevates that little baggie from slightly-shady to a chic party favor. Think cute little mason jar with a festive bow. Topical, Pinterest-worthy wrapping paper and gift tag. Smell-proof, ultra-discrete designer purse. It's almost 2016, after all: the sky's the limit.

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