This Guy Took a Photo of Himself Every Day From When He Was 12 Until He Got Married

Timelapse videos on YouTube pop up every once and awhile, and usually they're not that impressive. It's just some guy taking photos of himself for a year and nothing really changes. However, one recent timelapse video popped up that's actually interesting. 

Hugo Cornellier has a small YouTube channel. When he was 12-years-old, he began taking a photo of himself every single day. Over the next nine years, he continued doing so. He decided to collect all those photos and put them into a YouTube video for his wedding. Unlike other videos, you can more clearly see the story of this guy's life because you can see his future wife pop up in more photos near the end of the video. 

It's also interesting that he started this back in 2008. That's back in the infancy of YouTube. These timelapse videos didn't really become a big thing until a few years ago. So either this guy's got incredible foresight, he's a time traveler or he's just incredibly vain and wanted to photograph himself every day. We're going to go with...time traveler.


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