Three Cannabis Products Every Runner Should Try

Elevated mood. Enhanced focus. The ability to put away an entire plate of sweet potato fries in one sitting. These are just a few of the sublime pleasures that both a hearty run and a healthy dose of cannabis can induce, so it's not surprising that many people hooked on running are also passionate cannabis users.

Cannabis and running are so closely connected that the high we get from each appears to be rooted in the same system of our bodies. From pain relief to help getting into the zone, cannabis offers a myriad of benefits to athletes. So finding the right product is key to maximizing the benefits of adding the plant to your running regimen. Here are three cannabis products that should be in every runner's medicine chest.

Kin Slips: Cloudbuster

kinslips cloudbuster sublingual

Using cannabis is a great way to enhance a run, but people who mainly use flower may run into some undesirable side effects if they puff before hitting the road. Ingesting smoke of any kind can agitate the respiratory system, which is hardly conducive to endurance.

However, many individuals who enjoy flower have difficulty finding a cannabis delivery method close to what they are used to—edibles, for instance, take much longer to effect you than smoking, as THC must make its way all the way through the digestive system before entering the blood stream and passing the brain blood barrier. For cannathletes facing this conundrum, Kin Slips are a great solution.

Unlike edibles, Kin Slips are ingested by being placed under the tongue, thus allowing THC to enter the body by way of membranes in the mouth. They also deliver a high that is closer to smoking than edibles. Consuming Kin Slips offers a unique sensation because they are comprised of herbal flavors that distribute through your mouth as they dissolve.

The Cloudbuster variety is particularly useful pre-run. It's formulated with sativa terpenes and cannabinoids and blended with tarragon and citrus for a pick-me-up that will get you in the mood to move and keep you feeling upbeat and mindful through out the miles. The 10mg dosage is ideal for the moderate consumer as it will give you a head change without causing you to lose motivation or experiencing cotton mouth. Plus, the slim packets are discrete and easy to store in your gym bag or hydration pack.

Lord Jones High CBD Lotion

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Runners are as familiar with muscle soreness as they are with public drinking fountains. Whether you're in the thick of marathon training or coming off of an intense cross-training session, finding your edge often means finding your hip flexors tightly wound.

In the realm of topical CBD lotions, Lord Jones High CBD Pain and Wellness Formula is the standard bearer. It works incredibly well to soothe soreness—delivering a warm, slightly numb sensation to the areas where it is rubbed in. It definitely has a "cannabis smell," which may take some getting used to for people who don't care for the plant's aroma, but after a morning going hard, this can help keep you from spending the afternoon totally couch-locked with pain. For those nights when you've got to go on a date or to a work event after working up some mean foot blisters, slathering Lord Jones on your feet before hand can keep wearing dress shoes from becoming abject torture.

MONK Drinking Botanicals

MONK is the most refereshing way to get your post work out toke.

Few things taste as good as the first few swigs of a post-workout drink, and low-dose THC and CBD can be a great way to keep that runner's euphoria flowing while bringing down inflammation so your muscles can recover. MONK Drinking Botanicals offer the healthfulness and invigorating flavors of a cold pressed juice—(they come in blends like turmeric lemon, ginger, and rosemary orange peel lemon.) Pour them over ice, and you have the ideal mid-morning treat (for a caffeine boost you can even add them to iced green tea.) They're also light enough to be consumed before a run, and small enough to take on a long run for a boost to get you through those last several miles.

Here's to running on the high road!

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