Check Out This GIF of a Thor Action-Figure Rolling a Joint

Today, Marvel dropped the latest trailer for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. But by now you've probably watched that video three or four times, so there's no point in showing it again. But we have found something you most likely haven't seen before: Thor rolling a joint.

Technically, it's a Thor action figure that someone took a series of time lapse photos making it seem like the action figure's rolling a joint. But still, it's pretty funny. Take a look:

thor action figure rolling joint

When you think about the Avengers, would Thor be the most likely to be a stoner? Bruce Banner might toke up every once and awhile to keep his anger under control and to not turn into the Hulk. Peter Parker's an angsty teen, so he could definitely be smoking a few joints to get in with the cool crowd. Tony Snark's a billionaire, so his drugs most likely come in powder form. Captain America's too much of a good-two-shoes. But Thor's a God from a different galaxy. He can literally travel through space using a hammer. He probably doesn't need to use marijuana to experience any out-of-this-world moments.

But of the actual actors in the Marvel universe, Chris Hemsworth definitely looks the most stoner-y.

(h/t Reddit)


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