Thomas Jefferson University Becomes First College to Offer Medical Marijuana Certificate Program

While some schools offer courses involving the history of marijuana or even the growing of it, almost no universities or colleges offer programs specifically designed to educate people about medical cannabis. Until now.

Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia is offering the first university-based, graduate-level certificate programs in medical marijuana. Starting this fall students can begin studying for certificates in Cannabis Medicine and Cannabinoid Pharmacology at the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp. In 2019 the university will also begin a third certificate program for Cannabinoid Chemistry and Toxicology. 

"Our goal at The Lambert Center is to help expand the knowledge base of scientists and clinicians – physicians of every specialty, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and pharmacists. And these new programs will help advance the knowledge and treatment around medicinal cannabis," the university said in their announcement of the program.

While 30 states allow medical marijuana in America, there still isn't much education about the drug. Doctors are often forced to study cannabis on their own so they'll be prepared to discuss it with their patients. But now this certificate program will allow medical professionals to receive necessary education about cannabis so they'll be better informed, and therefore will be more able to inform their patients.

It's also somewhat fitting that Thomas Jefferson University becomes the first college to undertake such a program considering the real-life Jefferson was a known hemp farmer and user.

(h/t Philly Voice)


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