This Vape Looks Like An Adorable Walkie-Talkie

Your vaping and smoking aesthetic is endlessly customizable these days - from the Apple product-esque PAX2, to the more rugged, hardware-like Ltd Designs pipes, to minimalist modern hookahs. But if you've ever wanted a vape that a) comes in half a dozen fun, candy colours and b) is reminiscent of the walkie-talkies you used to play with as a kid, the WISPR2 is what you need.

Available in a rainbow of shades from metallic blue to sunset orange, this adorable little vape also has some seriously cool-sounding design features: a flat base that makes it easy to put down, and a butane charging system that means you're not fooling around with cords or chargers, and will run for around 2.5 hours on a single fill.

For those unaccustomed to the butane thing, there's a pretty significant upside: unlike plug-in chargers, re-upping the WISPR2 with butane takes 10 seconds, as opposed to, say, the 2 hours it can take for the PAX2 to reach 100 percent. A clear gauge on the device tells you how much fuel is left.·

According to the manufacturers, the WISPR2 will hit temperatures of 210°C (410°F) in around 30 seconds, making it a perfect on-the-go option when you want to be discrete (or just take the walkie-talkie resemble to the next level and start talking into it like you're a spy.)

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No matter how you partake, the timeline of a nice cannabis session is often the same. Things change a lot as the minutes tick by, and there's definitely a turning point, when things get a little more serious. So next time you have a smoke or an edible, see if your timeline matches up with this one.

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