Upcoming Video Game 'Weedcraft Inc' Will Let You Run Your Own Cannabis Empire

Cannabis is big business. As North America continues to inch closer to legalized recreational use, several companies are making quick ascents to the top of the industry, creating a perfect narrative for a tycoon simulator game.

'Weedcraft Inc,' a game whose title, presumably, is a play on the popular 'World of Warcraft,' is being billed as 'Civilization,' but for the cannabis industry.

The game does feature a loose narrative and characters, but developers say that it will put players squarely in the driver’s seat of their business, when they can run it as they see fit. Early in the story, your characters will learn the basics such as plant maintenance, zoning laws and understanding the market. Over time, as the business grows, players will be tasked with more complex systems that will give them more leeway in how they play the game.

Although it will allow users to "play dirty," engaging in legally dubious processes to increase your revenue, these are more in the realm of the typical, underhanded business practices you’ll see in any industry, not the typical drug running mini-games you’d see in something like 'Grand Theft Auto'. The game developers have made it clear that this is not a drug dealing simulator, but a narrative-based legitimate business game.

That’s not to say that cannabis’ legal status doesn't come into play. Your avatar will run into the problems that many prohibition-era businesses might face, with large-scale efforts like influencing legislation, as well smaller annoyances, such as dealing with crooked, small-time cops trying to get in on the action.

The game is slated for release on the PC in early 2019, with DLC expected to follow. Check out the flashy premiere game trailer below.

h/t Polygon


After making progress on marijuana reform, the legalization movement has stalled in two New England states. Cannabis became legal in Vermont last July, but state lawmakers did not put a regulated market for marijuana in place at that time. So while adults in Vermont can possess, grow and consume cannabis, they can't buy it legally.

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