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This UK Man Is Giving Free CBD To The Terminally Ill

A UK man is defying cannabis prohibition in Britain by offering free CBD to terminally ill patients.  

Satnam Bains (not his real name) is risking up to 14 years in prison for providing the cannabis-extract to seriously ill patients. And he's not charging a single pence despite the considerable cost of producing cannabis oil.

"I make no money from this and every batch costs me a few hundred quid. All I want is to heal as many people as I can and I ask them to pray for my brother," Bains told Huffington Post.

So instead of taking cash from patients, he's hoping God will repay him by helping his family. "If I heal enough people, I feel God will heal my brother too," Bains added.

Last year, his brother was struck with a rare form of kidney cancer that has little potential for treating.

"It came from nowhere and floored us all. He was just 32 and a high-flying civil engineer," said Bains. "There wasn't much the doctors could do apart from send him home with a fistful of drugs to take and morphine to self-administer for the chronic pain."

Bains started giving his brother cannabis oil shortly after a friend suggested trying it. The results were astounding.

"My brother had been on morphine for about six weeks when I dissolved a tiny drop of oil in some warm milk and it totally transformed him," he said. "Within an hour he was upright in his bed and looked alive."

After his brother's success with cannabis oil Bains committed himself to producing the substance himself, and he distributes as much as he can to those in need.

"I've managed to make contact with lots of oil users on various social media platforms and by word of mouth and I give it to people for free or for a nominal payment."

And until the UK  get their desperately needed medical marijuana program sorted out, many patients will depend on people like Bains.

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