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This THC Soda Will Bring The Best Of Both Worlds To Your Friday Night Hangout

Traditionally speaking, people are more likely to ready themselves for a night on the town with a few drinks among friends than with a plate of pot brownies.  

But what if you could achieve a cannabis buzz in the form of the world’s most widely recognized social lubricant?

Enter Sprig, a low-dose THC-infused soda billed as the best of both worlds between a beer and an edible.

“The reason we wanted to make a [cannabis] beverage was because it’s more of a social thing to begin with. People tend to drink together, but they don’t always eat brownies together,” said Sprig CEO and co-founder Michael Lewis of the inspiration for the citrus-flavored drink.

“We thought a drink was a little more mainstream as far as social norms go.”

Lewis said he and business partner Ethan Feffer were compelled to develop Sprig – positioned as “the first scientifically formulated sparkling beverage infused with 45mg of our proprietary THC extract” – partially because of their own cannabis consumption tendencies.

The California duo have never been “particularly big users [of cannabis].” This made them shy away from more conventional cannabis edibles with largely unpredictable doses and potentially debilitating effects.

“We thought: wouldn’t it be nice if there was something we could enjoy, that other people who don’t want to get super high could reliably enjoy and the effect would be the same every time?” said Lewis.

“That’s how we arrived at the soda... this great alternative to alcohol that’s meant to be a really socially positive experience, not something that’s hidden or underground or really debilitating.”

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It’s Lewis’s hope that for those who’ve never tried cannabis – or those whose last experience with the substance was 20 years ago – Sprig presents an easily accessible point of entry. He prides himself on the fact that, unlike other cannabis-infused beverages on the market, Sprig “doesn’t taste like weed.”

“For folks who aren’t so familiar with cannabis, it’s a very approachable product... it tastes like soda and it’s a more manageable buzz than what you might get from a traditional edible,” he said, adding that consumers tend to feel “energetic and giggly” after drinking a can.

“On the other end of the spectrum, for folks who do use a lot of cannabis, it’s still enough of a dose that they get plenty of effects, and it complements their existing smoking habits... because it’s refreshing and at the same time they’re getting a little more medication.”

In the year-and-a-half since launching Sprig in California, Lewis said customer feedback has shown that “people are really digging it.” Sprig is currently offered in 250 dispensaries across the state, and the company has plans to release a sugar-free version as well as one with lower THC content in coming months.

“It’s really found its place in the industry and in consumer culture,” said Lewis. “It’s the kind of thing that all types of people can enjoy... everyone just seems to love both the effect and the taste, and I think that’s a very rare thing.”


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