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This THC Lollipop Comes On A Stick With A Cannabis Seed Inside

It’s one thing to get the plant medicine you need. It’s another thing entirely to know exactly where that medicine came from – by having the chance to foster a relationship with the plant itself.

In many ways, this was the genesis of Half Lit, a gourmet line of cannabis-infused lollipops out of California whose benefits go far beyond the edibles themselves.

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That’s because every Half Lit lollipop comes on a stick embedded with a cannabis seed. Once you’re done with your sucker, you simply plant the stick in the ground and you’re on your way to growing your own cannabis plant.

The innovative concept was born out of a desire to help cannabis patients gain a better understanding of their medicine, co-founder Liz Smith* told Civilized.

“It was sort of our understanding that a lot of people were consuming [cannabis] but not really knowing what the plant is like – and the plant is just so incredible to grow and foster a relationship with,” said Smith, who was first introduced to cannabis when it “stopped [her] seizures in their tracks.”

“We decided we wanted to make something organic – and GMO-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free – that allowed people the ability to have both their medicine and a relationship with the plant.”

Half Lit lollipops come in six flavors – Lunar Lavender, Watermelon Wonderland, Hot Mama Mango, Pineapple Paradise, Calming Caramel Açaí, and Lit Lemonade – each featuring 25 milligrams of THC and a bio-degradable stick packed with cannabis growth potential.

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The company’s two-pronged approach allows users to develop a better-rounded comprehension of cannabis, said Smith, as it encourages them to get outside and get to know the plant. From her perspective, it’s all about “encouraging people to be curious.”

“We want to redefine the cliché of a stoner sitting on a couch and doing nothing. We want people to be able to get outside and have this... long experience [with the plant],” said Smith, explaining that it “takes quite a bit of time until the cannabis plant actually flowers.”

“Every day you’re returning to the garden, you’re watering the plant, you’re ensuring sunlight is hitting the flower – and then, towards the end, you’re harvesting. So there’s just this long and beautiful relationship that... teaches us everything the plant the has to offer.”

Smith believes the cannabis industry is primed for this kind of product right now, as the market is entering a phase of “customers asking more of the people who are creating products.”

“There are so many products out there, and we have so many choices when it comes to how to spend our money and how to medicate. We want people to be conscious consumers and not only have the medicine, but the experience, too,” said Smith.

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“I think people are really enjoying that we’re giving them something more to think about. I think they’re ready for it and I also think there are a lot of people in the industry who are trying to raise the bar. Everyone is sort of challenging each other in this really positive way.”

Speaking of which, Half Lit recently launched ‘Moonlit’, a line of mini moon-shaped lozenges featuring the same breadth of flavors as their lolly counterparts. Next up, the company plans to release a CBD line of their trademark lollies, the sticks of which will be embedded with hemp seeds.  

“I think [this movement of] giving customers more of an experience is going to just continue,” said Smith. “We’re definitely interested in offering that as much as we can and I’m sure others are, too.”

*Liz Smith is a pseudonym.


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