This Simpsons Marathon Will Set A New Television Record

Need a distraction from your dysfunctional family this Thanksgiving? Hang out with The Simpsons instead by tuning into the FXX channel's mega-marathon. The FOX-owned network will air 600 Simpsons episodes starting on Thanksgiving day and ending December 6.

That's 13 days of back-to-back episodes, from Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire (the very first broadcasted episode) to Treehouse of Horror XXVII, which aired just last Halloween. So you'll be able to watch the lives of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie flash before your eyes.

The event will also set a new record for the longest TV marathon, shattering the one that FXX set in 2014 with a similar Simpsons binge that lasted 12 days.

If you're a cannabis consumer, here are three marijuana-themed episodes to watch out for during the marathon. 

1. The Cannabis Collie

Aside from the toking implied by Otto's stoner antics, marijuana first appeared on The Simpsons in the Season 8 episode The Canine Mutiny (1997). This Lassie parody features Bart's new collie Laddie, who becomes a crime dog for the Springfield police department. While Lassie always saved the day, Laddie nearly ruins the life of a blind Springfield resident when the four-legged narc sniffs out a bag of marijuana in his pocket.

But the police decide to let him off with a conditional sentence. Let's call it a house arrest. The culprit hosts a house party for the police, who sing along to Bob Marley's Jammin' while "disposing of the evidence."

2. Springfield's Citywide Sesh

The Season 10 episode D'oh-in the Wind (1998) features Homer visiting a hippie commune owned by two of his mom's old friends - played by comedians George Carlin and Martin Mull. While there, Homer decides to take up their carefree lifestyle, which leads to disaster for everyone.

When Homer tries to pitch in and help make the mass-marketed health drink that keeps the commune afloat, he screws up by adding the "personal vegetables" that the hippies grow under a camouflage netting.

3. Homer's Health Goes Up in Smoke

In the Season 16 episode Weekend at Burnsie's (2002), Homer gets Dr. Hibbert's permission to use medical marijuana to treat his eye pain - eye pain that was inflicted by a murder of crows attacking his face. At first, he's nervous about taking his medicine, especially since the bottle of joints reads, "CAUTION: Objects may appear more edible than they actually are." But he soon embraces the stoner lifestyle.

The episode features some of the show's trippiest animation and a cameo from legendary jam band Phish. But Homer steals the show with his cover of Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water.


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