This San Francisco Startup Is Turning Leftover Beer Into Granola Bars

A new San Francisco business is making it easier than ever to get your beer fix on the go – while also helping solve the planet’s food waste problem.

ReGrained is an artisanal granola startup that takes used malt from urban craft breweries and turns it into granola bars with flavors like honey almond IPA and chocolate stout.

“We are not a granola bar company - our vision is much larger than that,” says ReGrained cofounder Jordan Schwartz. “It has to do with creating this ingredient and introducing it into our food system where it hadn’t been previously.”

ReGrained was founded in large part due to the fact that “many of the ingredients used to brew beer do not end up in your glass,” according to the company’s website. While there are many conscientious brewers out there, they add, most can’t help up but generate “massive quantities of leftover spent grain.” That spent grain happens to contain fiber, protein and “a unique texture and flavor... [that makes it] an ideal baking ingredient.”

The company’s four bar samplers cost $10.99.

“Food waste is a super solvable problem,” says ReGrained co-founder Dan Kurzrock.

“I think that’s one of the reasons people get really excited about. It feels like something we can actually do something about, and make a real impact. It’s what motivates us with ReGrained, for sure.”

h/t Fortune.



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