This Robot Is More Lifelike and Agile Than Most People We Know

Boston Dynamics uses the principles of dynamic control and balance with sophisticated mechanical designs, cutting-edge electronics, and software for perception, navigation, and intelligence to develop the first robots to run and maneuver like animals. With an extraordinary team of engineers and scientists, Boston Dynamics is buildings machines that both break boundaries and function in real life. Now, Boston Dynamics is doing that with its creation Atlas, the world’s most dynamic humanoid that controls the motion of its arms, torso, and legs to achieve whole-body mobile manipulation.

Atlas is the latest in the line of humanoids, which can be seen in a number of videos of the robot performing activities that involve balance and agility. In the video, the robot jumps over platforms and backflips like a professional athlete. Humanoids aren’t supposed to be able to do this because it requires balancing a heavy upper body with just two legs. In the future, this can be very helpful when a contaminated nuclear facility needs to be investigated like a human, but with a robot. Atlas has grown and developed through the years, so these videos of the robot flipping is only the beginning of this advanced technology.     


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