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This Patient Was Denied Surgery Because She Uses Medical Marijuana

Bernadette McCready, 42, of Airdrie, Scotland, said she was prevented from accessing vital health services once she revealed her cannabis use.

McCready had gone to the Royal Alexandra Hospital last June for a surgery. However, physicians told her she needed to leave after she disclosed she had been using cannabis oil to help treat symptoms related to a hysterectomy she had in 2012.

"I was sitting on the edge of the bed, minutes from going to surgery and I got kicked out of the hospital," McCready told the Daily Record. "You'd have thought there was a serial killer running around. I've never felt so humiliated."

At the time of McCready's surgery in June 2018, medical cannabis was still illegal in the UK. However, that should not have prevented the surgeon from going forward with the procedure, according to the division of the National Health Service Scotland that oversees the hospital McCready visited. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde pushed back against McCready's claim by saying that even though she was using cannabis oil illegally, the NHS does not have a policy to deny access to patients who use illicit drugs.

"Our policy is to offer treatment to all, regardless of lifestyle choices, except in very specific clinical circumstances," the organization stated.

The UK government officially legalized the use of medical marijuana in November 2018, though it remains incredibly difficult for patients to get a recommendation for the substance. And McCready's case suggests it will be a long time before the country's doctors are comfortable with cannabis.

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