This New York Pharmacist Wants You To Add CBD To Your Coffee

A New York pharmacist wants to add a little cannabis to your coffee.

Dr. Craig Leivent believes the cannabis-extract CBD is something "we should be using." He's part  of a growing segment of entrepreneurs pitching the prominent, non-psychoactive marijuana compound as a health food and dietary supplement.

"I'm a pharmacist, and I hand out medicine all day that's shown to help people greatly," Dr. Leivent told Fox News. "I have known the benefits of cannabis for many years. The CBD chemical itself was something I really wanted to get out to the public."

His faith in the ability for CBD to help enrich people's lives has led him to establish Flower Power - a company that infuses hemp-derived CBD into coffee, which Leivent believes is the best way to prevent forgetful people from skipping their CBD dose in the morning.

"80 percent of the population drinks coffee. You won't leave your house without your cup of coffee. You might forget your vitamins, you might forget to water you plants, but you won't forget your coffee."

But he does want you to forget another aspect of cannabis: years of stigmatization thanks to prohibition.

"We want to get CBD out to the public, let them know that this product that we've been told is detrimental to our health for the last 80 years that really can be a health benefit," Leivent explained.

CBD could also help people beat their dependency on other substances, according to Ian Ford - owner of Brooklyn's Caffeine Underground in Brooklyn, which is one of the various cafes around NYC that carry Flower Power.

"I wish this had been available when I quit drinking 26 years ago because as a recovering alcoholic, I believe CBD coffee would have greatly smoothed my transition to society," he said.

Leivent's mission to make CBD mainstream shouldn't be that difficult either with the ever growing popularity of the chemical across the country and the recent FDA approval of a CBD based drug.

"You can buy hemp seeds in Costco right now, so if you can hemp seed in Costco, eventually you’re going to buy CBD products," he said.

That sounds like opportunity knocking, Costco.


'South Park' is well known for satirizing pretty much everything happening in current pop culture, and the cannabis industry is no exception. Last week, the popular adult cartoon released a satirical ad for their fictional cannabis brand, Tegridy Farms. The mock brand was originally introduced in a South Park episode that aired last October on the same day that Canada moved to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide. The new Tegridy Farms ad takes shots at the current landscape of the cannabis industry by claiming that it's being run by "a bunch of young corporate banker types" who pretend to be interested in repairing the wrongs done by the War on Drugs, but they're really only interested in making "an easy buck for themselves." "Fuck those guys," says the video's narrator.

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