This New Smartphone Device Lets You Stream Your Own Sperm

Why watch Netflix when you can stream your own sperm?

Well, because reasons.

But now the latter is an actual option with YO, a new at-home fertility device that lets you spy on your little swimmers up-close – almost as thrilling as that new Netflix Original where Drew Barrymore plays a cannibal?

YO works by essentially turning your smartphone into a microscope. The $50 kit differs from other at-home fertility tests in that it measures both your sperm count and your motility. That means you can determine whether your sperm is quality sperm, which is what really counts when you’re gauging fertility.  

While conventional fertility tests at the doctor’s office can prove pricey if they’re not covered by your insurance, the real appeal of YO for many will be the fact that you can provide your sample in the comforts of your own home. 

Using the disposable equipment provided, you simply collect your sample and place it on a slide. The slide is then inserted into the YO clip, which fits over the top of your phone, and use the device’s app to begin the test.

In just a few minutes, you get your results along with a video of your sperm, which is stored in YO’s database if you ever want to look back at the fond memory (alternately, you can delete it whenever you want.)

So what are you waiting for? Now’s as good a time as any to get to know your splooge a little better.

h/t Mashable


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