This New Site Is the 'Web MD' For Medical Marijuana

Confused by the wide variety of cannabis products out there? Not sure of whether you have a symptom that can or should be treated with cannabis? Should you try CBD or medical marijuana first? If you’re one of the many people curious about treating symptoms with medical marijuana, then the news website CannabisMD could help you be a more informed (and less overwhelmed) patient.

The site, which is not an advocacy site, is a place where patients suffering from concussions, ADHD and many other ailments can find objective, peer-reviewed studies to help them decide whether to treat with cannabis.

CannabisMD was co-founded by Rory Millikin, who conceived of the idea after watching numerous people in his family struggle with serious ailments that were treatable with cannabinoids. Millikin’s brother, who was rendered paraplegic after a hockey accident, bounced back from opiate addiction after using CBD to treat his pain. His daughter suffered from seizures. His mother has arthritis. Even his labradoodle has found relief from seizures after being dosed with CBD.

"It’s very family-oriented for myself. It’s a very personal thing," Millikin told Civilized. "I wanted to bring this product and knowledge about it into the marketplace, and kind of provide a site that isn't advocacy, but it's neutral. Show and provide information so that people can make an informed decision."

CannabisMD is intuitive to navigate—something that Millikin says is by design. "My mother and my 15 year-old daughter are my demographic test group," Millikin explained.

To use the site, visitors click on tabs for either 'Cannabidiol CBD' or 'Medical Cannabis,' then they'll find information on various medical conditions. From there, objective, peer-reviewed information is available on the effectiveness of cannabis as a treatment. Click on 'Sleep Disorders,' for example, and you can read articles about cannabis and insomnia while also learning that 'Cookie Jar Hybrid' is a good strain for treating sleep issues.

"We have peer-reviewed studies from major institutions and universities. The user gets to go and make their own decisions. They can read the studies that are pros and cons, and read the articles that are pros and cons and come to a decision themselves but it's not our job to tell them. It's our job to inform them on what I like to call both sides of the coin."

Additionally, the site features a handy CBD dosage calculator that helps patients judge how much they should be dosing, based on their weight and the severity of their ailment.

In a time when federal and some state laws make it difficult to find reliable information on treating oneself with cannabis, CannabisMD is striving to offer consumers access they need to the facts that can help them make the best choice for themselves.

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