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This New Dating App Pairs You With People Who Hate The Same Things As You

There’s nothing more exhilarating than the passionate exchange that occurs when two people discover that they hate the same thing, be it The Big Bang Theory or butt-selfies.

A new dating app is betting on that spark.  

The app, appropriately called Hater, matches you with people who despise the same things you do.

Users weigh in on 3,000 hot button topics, from fedoras to tipping less than 15 percent. Naturally, there are a few Trump-related questions.

Just like Tinder, users simply swipe left to dislike or right to like – but they also have the option of swiping down to hate and up to love. Users are then matched up with others based on their mutual distastes and location.

The app is the brainchild of Goldman-Sachs-staffer-turned-comedian Brendan Alper, who first came up with the idea as a joke before realizing it actually made a lot of sense. It received positive feedback during a testing period in New York in December. The top three most commonly loathed topics included the presidential election, bad sidewalk etiquette and hair in the drain. The most loved, on the other hand? ‘My mom’, the ocean and guacamole.

Despite its focus on hate (albeit as a vehicle for love), the brand makes it clear that they don’t encourage negative behavior. They even have a one-strike policy for anyone who presumably gets too creepy or intense.

The app officially launches on Feb. 8 but is available now in beta for iOS, with an Android launch slated for the spring. You can get your hate on (and maybe find true love) here.

h/t Mashable.


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