This National S'mores Day You Can Get The Ultimate Fireside THC Treat

Nothing complements a summertime bonfire quite like some s'mores and a little weed.

You may not know it, but August 10 is the day dedicated to everyone's favorite campfire snack: s'mores. These sweet and gooey treats are perhaps not the most sophisticated of finger foods, but no one can deny their position as an essential summertime sweet. Plus they're perfect when you've got the munchies.

This National S'mores Day, Colorado dispensary The Green Solution wants to help you elevate this little fireside classic and give you the perfect relaxing-with-friends high at the same time. This year The Green Solution will be providing cannabis infused s'mores truffles as the perfect summer party snack.


The Green Solution's S'more Truffles

"Priced at $2.95 each, these 10mg treats are made with white chocolate ganache, which is piped into milk chocolate shells and coated with a chocolate glaze and a graham cracker crumble," reads a statement form The Green Solution. "Plus, the s'mores truffles are infused with indica-specific hash oil…which means they’re ideal for relaxing by the fire."

So if you're the kind of person who always sets their marshmallows on fire, this may be the s'mores-inspired snack for you.

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