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This Map Showing Each State’s Favorite Animated Sitcom Proves 'The Simpsons' Is As Popular As Ever

After ‘The Simpsons’ broke new ground in the early 90s, the animated sitcom has gone on to become a staple of the television landscape in the intervening 30 years. Several new shows have since taken the torch and ran with it, moving the industry forward and producing a wealth of great cartoon content.

So, what new animated trailblazer is currently leading the pack for the medium that ‘The Simpsons’ created?

‘The Simpsons.’ It’s still ‘The Simpsons.’

This graphic, created by AT&T, breaks down each state’s favorite animated sitcom, using Google Trends to compare the search volume for each of the 15 most popular cartoons.

Check to see which animated show has dominated your state:

animated sitcoms map4
‘The Simpsons’ is the clear winner, claiming a total of 13 states and dwarfing the competition, proving that the chorus of haters who’ve been declaring the Simpsons “over” for the past 20 years are probably still watching.

‘South Park’ is still pulling its weight, claiming five states, including Colorado, where the show is set.

‘American Dad’ also makes a pretty big showing. Odd, considering the Seth McFarlane-helmed cartoon is often referred to as the ‘Family Guy’ creator’s ‘other’ show, but this map shows that it’s quite possibly even more popular than McFarlane’s original offering.

Other big surprises are the showings of some of the lesser-known shows. ‘Robot Chicken’ is the top animated show in Alabama and South Carolina while Utah loves ‘The Boondocks’ even though it only ran for four seasons on Adult Swim (and real fans know the last season hardly counts, anyway).
But we’re frankly a little disappointed to see such little love for long-running Fox shows 'Futurama' and ‘King of the Hill,’ but we’re glad that they at least charted.

Surprisingly, ‘Rick and Morty’ fans have only claimed two states thus far, but, considering it was the number one comedy for adults between 18-34, we can expect to see more of it in the next few years.


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