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This Brewery Makes Your Perfect Beer Using DNA Testing - All For Just $30,000

The recipe for your new favorite beer is hiding within your genetic coding, according to a swanky London brewery.

The only catch? It’ll cost you about $30,000 to get it.

London’s Meantime Brewing Company is offering patrons the opportunity to enjoy “the world’s most personalized beer” – a brew known as “Meantime Bespoke” that 100 percent matches their taste buds thanks to DNA testing.

The brewery uses “pioneering personal genetics company 23andMe [to] assess hereditary variations in your oral taste receptors (the TAS2R38 gene) to reveal the genetic variants that could explain personal preferences towards specific flavor profiles within beer such as sweetness and bitterness.”

To supplement the dirt on their DNA, clients also get “a one-to-one consultation with our Brewmaster Ciaran [Giblin] allowing [them] to input on the creative process and ensure [they're] happy with the proposed style of beer.”

After all is said and done, clients walk away with “a minimum of 12 hectolitres of your unique brew – equivalent to over 2,000 pints – plenty to keep you and your pals going for some time.” 

The package also allows you to work with the brewing team when developing your recipe and on the actual brew day. A study course that claims to allow “clients to gain a deeper understanding of the brewing process” is also included in the minimum $30,000 price tag. 

It may seem like a hefty sum for what will essentially amount to drinking the same you-flavored beer over and over again for a really long time, but being able to tell your loved ones that your blood, sweat and tears (almost literally) went into their drinks is, frankly, priceless. 

h/t Food and Wine.

Banner image: Africa Studio/Shutterstock


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