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This Jamaican Hostel Will Give You a Free Joint for Cleaning up Beach Trash

The owner of a Jamaican hostel has come up with one of the best ways to help fight beach litter we've ever heard.

Marian Erbach—the 33-year-old owner of the Germaican Hostel in Long Bay Beach, Jamaica—had become increasingly annoyed by all of the garbage that he saw washing up on the nearby beach. What would otherwise be a very beautiful ocean-side view was continuously getting spoiled by trash that didn't even originate from the local population.

"This beach is on the east coast," Erbach told LADbible. "The waterflow brings a lot of garbage to the beach, mostly plastics, all different kinds from all over the world."

So Erbach started looking in to what other people were doing to help clean-up litter in their communities. That's when he discovered some people were offering to give people small gifts to those who helped tidy up.

"I was just totally upset with all the garbage around us, so the last months I did a lot of research about trash, especially about plastic trash," said Erbach. "I often saw some pics where people offered free coffee for a bucket of trash."

But instead on handing out free cups of coffee, Erbach decided to offer something that had more of a Jamaican twist: marijuana. But he can't take full credit for the idea, which was actually given to him by his girlfriend.  

"My girlfriend made a joke, she said, 'In Jamaica we should offer free spliffs.'"

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Erbach said the sign offering a free joint for a bucket full of beach-trash had only been posted on the front of his hostel for half an hour before the first person came by to claim their prize.

For those who are in the area, all you have to do is go to the Germaican Hostel, "take up a bucket, walk the beach, fill it, bring it to the bar and get a spliff."

That's a pretty sweet deal if you ask us.


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