Turns Out The Actor In The Iconic 'This Is Your Brain On Drugs' PSA Supports Legalization

It was almost 30 years ago that actor John Roselius cracked an egg into a frying pan and famously likened the sizzling goo to “your brain on drugs.” In case you haven't seen it:


The 1987 PSA from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America has become an iconic symbol of America’s drug war. But now, the “Egg Guy” himself has revealed that he is in fact a supporter of marijuana legalization in the United States.

“I’m 100 percent behind legalizing it, are you kidding?” Roselius told The Rooster magazine. “It’s healthier than alcohol. And the violence is 99 percent down from alcohol.”

Roselius, who has had a prosperous career in Hollywood as a stuntman and star, said he only agreed to film the anti-drug PSA for the $360 payday. He admitted that he never believed marijuana would fry your brain like an egg in hot cast iron, something he knows due to the fact that he smoked a lot of it in the 1960s when he was living in San Francisco. He called his experience with cannabis "the most relaxed I ever was." 

Ironically, Roselius said he was struggling with alcoholism when he filmed the ad, and therefore his memories of the spot itself are hazy. He couldn't have been more clear-headed when, recently, he mailed in his ballot to the California government indicating his approval for the state's recreational marijuana measure in the upcoming election. 

“You ever noticed when you smoked weed, how music is?” said Roselius.

“I was smoking a joint, and I was listening to a stereo and I thought I was the drum. And I’m laughing and laughing and I’m happy. I’m the drum. I’m the drum! You understand? And nobody was punching anybody in the face or calling you an m-f’er.”

h/t Rooster Magazine, Gizmodo.


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