Now that cannabis is legalized in Canada and a select number of states, consumers are visiting dispensaries for their very first time, entering a world of weed products that inspire a number of questions. Fortunately, budtenders are available to guide consumers and answer all their questions about flower, oil, edibles, and all things cannabis. A budtender is the person behind the counter at a cannabis dispensary, there to help consumers choose which cannabis strains and products are best for their wants and needs. Every dispensary is different, so budtenders are a valuable resource for both new and old consumers browsing the assortment of cannabis products that may seem overwhelming without a guide.

Civilized sat down with budtenders from all over Los Angeles to learn about cannabis culture and dispensaries in our weekly series Ask A Budtender. In this episode of the series, the budtenders discuss what a bud order says about the consumer and what your budtender thinks about you.