This Is What They're Snorting Instead of Real Cocaine on 'Black Monday'

If the cast of 'Black Monday' snorted as much real cocaine on set as the characters they portray on TV, then the next table read would have to be in the morgue. Luckily, the production crew has a safe substitute for all the cocaine snorted in the Showtime series about the stock market crash in the 80s. All the powder that you see onscreen is actually crushed up vitamins.

"It's vitamin B12—cut with cocaine," 'Black Monday' star Don Cheadle joked yesterday while promoting the show on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers.'

But even though the prop blow isn't life threatening, snorting the fake cocaine is still pretty unpleasant for the cast. When Meyers asked if snorting vitamins gave Cheadle's energy a boost, Cheadle said, "You mostly just feel clogged up."

Check out the full interview in the clip below. 


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