This Is What Stranger Things 2 Would Look Like with a Budget of $20

Stranger Things” is a science fiction television series written, directed, and created by the Duffer Brothers, which has become a pop culture phenomenon since it first released in July 2016. The show is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana during the 1980s, where the disappearance of Will Byers leads Police Chief Hopper and Will’s friends to discover supernatural events occurring around the town. This includes the introduction of Eleven or “Elle”, a young girl with psychokinetic abilities who helps find the missing boy and stop “the Upside Down” from destroying their town. 

The “Stranger Things” universe opened even more doors to “the Upside Down” in season two with the introduction of new characters, monsters, and puzzles. Even after binging every episode, fans continue watching and obsessing over the show, so much that some produce parodies and sketches based on the show. One fan version recreates “Stranger Things” season two with a budget of just $20, which produced a cut much funnier than the original. Even without the budget for actors and special effects, this version clearly hits all the major plot points while also exploiting the funniest moments from “Stranger Things” that makes it a cultural phenomenon.   


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