This Is What Happens When You Eat Nothing But CBD-Infused Foods For A Week

Cannabidiol (CBD) - a non-psychoactive chemical found in cannabis - has taken the medical industry by storm recently as a groundbreaking treatment for conditions like epilepsy. And it's been heralded as the next big wellness supplement, being used to help everything from quitting smoking to relieving anxiety. But what would happen if you ate nothing but CBD-infused foods for an entire week? 

"If CBD is so good for you, wouldn't nothing but CBD be great for you?" opined Justin Caffier of Vice. To find out, he went on a CBD binge. But first, he consulted a doctor to make sure there wasn't any reason why he shouldn't take so much CBD.

"There's really no risk there at all," Dr. Allan Frankel - Founder of Greenbridge Medical Services - told Caffier. "You just don't want to get hemp products from China and Slovenia because they have heavy metals in them."

With this is mind, Caffier went about sourcing his Made-in-America cannabis products and began his exploration of what happens when you eat all CBD everything for a week. And after days of steadily increasing his dosages Caffier admits that it wasn't until he "chugged a whole tincture of oil" that his experiment did anything more that make him feel "a bit groggy."

So binging on CBD isn't bad for you, but it's probably not useful either—except for burning a hole in your wallet since those infused foods aren't cheap. But if nothing else, Caffier's report shows once again that cannabis and its extracts are perfectly safe for human consumption - even when you deliberately overdo it.


Derived from the part of the cannabis plant that doesn't get you “high” like THC, cannabidiol (CBD) is typically used for health reasons instead of for recreational purposes, and has been found to be especially useful for treating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. A challenging neurodegenerative disorder, Parkinson’s causes a combination of motor and non-motor symptoms — such as tremors, weakness, stiffness, dizziness, anxiety and sleeplessness — that affect daily life. CBD, typically taken in oil form, has the potential to relieve these symptoms, improving sleep, reducing inflammation and more, which can profoundly help the more than 10 million people across the world suffering.

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