This is the World's First Cannabis Inhaler

The Israeli pharma-tech company Syqe Medical has removed the veil from the world's first metered-dose medical marijuana inhaler.

The new device comes after eight years of development by the Israeli company and is promised to bring a host of innovations to the medical marijuana industry. The inhaler can reportedly be tuned exactly to a patient's individual needs allowing for "unprecedented dosing precision [which] achieves maximum relief while avoiding any undesired psychoactive effects."

And while other forms of medical cannabis such as edibles or cannabis softgel capsules can provide patients with far more accurate dosing than smoking cannabis, many patients continue to prefer inhaling cannabis. This is largely because cannabis takes effect much more quickly when inhaled than when it is ingested. However, the new inhaler should provide patients with the best of both worlds: effective and quick relief as well as highly specific dosing, said Syqe's founder Perry Davidson.

"80 percent of cannabis patients inhale the plant. For too long, physicians who wish to treat these patients have been without the most basic clinical knowledge on dosing, efficacy and adverse events of cannabis," said Davidson. "This launch marks the beginning of a new chapter in pain treatment, one in which physicians can confidently prescribe precise dosages of cannabis, and patients can reap the rewards, effectively and responsibly."

Still, American patients looking to try out the new device will have to wait a little while. While the inhaler has been cleared by Israel's Minister of Health, it is still awaiting approval by the FDA. And even when it does hit US soil, the inhaler won't come cheap. The current price of the device is around $540.

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