This is the Most Dangerous Substance in the Universe

If someone asked you what the most dangerous substance is, you might say heroin, or plutonium, or cannabis (if you're Jeff Sessions). But you'd be wrong (especially if you're Jeff Sessions). The most dangerous substance in the universe is actually something that lurks inside a specific type of star. 

Scientists call it strange matter because it's exactly that—strange. The stuff simply doesn't follow the rules of nuclear physics as we know them and it has the potential to destroy everything in the universe by turning it into strange matter. It's kind of like an infection, but instead of attacking healthy bodies, it goes after the atoms in everything. And we mean everything. If a speck of strange matter collided with our sun, it would spread through the very core and turn the sun into a 'strange star' that would burn less bright and less hot, plunging Earth in an unending ice age.

While that's all pretty scary stuff, strange matter could also have a lot to teach us. Cracking the mystery of strange matter could help us understand the origins of the universe. Find out more by watching this video from Kurzgesagt.


Our galaxy will seem a lot smaller in the near future as space tourism emerges as a new sector in the travel industry. But as companies begin booking passengers for extra-terrestrial flights, they will also have to sort out what you can and can't legally do in outer space - whether that involves mining gold from an asteroid or smoking a joint on the moon. That's where experts like Frans von der Dunk come in.

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