This is Not an April Fool's Joke: Elon Musk Really Did Release a Terrible Song About Harambe

Elon Musk is following up his very messy 2018 with an equally bad musical release to kick off this spring.

Apparently not happy with slowly draining the value from his various tech companies, Musk has now decided to end his musical career before it gets off the ground. The Tesla CEO released a very bizarre song in reference to an old meme on Saturday. The song, titled "RIP Harambe", features a heavily auto-tuned Musk singing over a generic trap-beat about the gorilla who was killed in the Cincinnati Zoo back in 2016.

Musk tweeted out a link to the SoundCloud page of his new 'record label', Emo G Records (apparently a play on the word 'emoji') last week, saying that the song "might just be my finest work".

Musk's new song is the latest instalment in a line of questionable decisions from the Tesla boss over the past year. From the multiple security reviews stemming from his weed-smoking stunt on the Joe Rogan Experience, to the tanking of his company's stock prices after making a stupid joke on Twitter, poor Elon just can't seem to keep his foot out of his mouth. And making a song about Harambe probably isn't going to help him climb out of this hole.

h/t Rolling Stone


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