'This Is Not A Debate. This Is About People In Kentucky Who Are Hurting," Says Lawmaker Fighting For Medical Marijuana

The time for debating the merits of medical marijuana is over, according to Kentucky Rep. Jason Nemes (R), who wants to legalize medicinal cannabis to help droves of patients in the Bluegrass State.

"This is not some kind of a debate. This is about people in Kentucky who are hurting," Rep. Nemes told WDRB News recently.

Those people include Cassie Everett to Louisville, who has been battling epilepsy since age 11. Dealing with epilepsy has resulted in a growing list of prescriptions over the years as her condition worsens with age. 

"It will progressively get worse as you get older, which means increasing medications," Everett told WDRB News.

Everett and her husband are hopeful that the successes others suffering from epilepsy have seen with cannabis will be made available to her too.

"I have trouble breathing, talking," she said recently at a meeting of the state's Interim Judiciary Committee, where she offered her thoughts on legalizing medical cannabis in Kentucky. "I, personally, would like the option of having medical marijuana."

Senator Dan Seum (R), who is leading the charge for MMJ in Kentucky, was clearly touched by Evertt's story because his own granddaughter has found success in cannabis based epilepsy treatments.

"This has been a miracle for that young lady. She now has life. Obviously, I'm very much in support of this legislation," said Seum.

However, other lawmakers in Kentucky are unconvinced about medical marijuana's benefits. Rep. Kim Moser (R) - who is also Director of the Northern Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy - believes more research is needed before legalizing the substance. 

So the medical marijuana debate will continue in Kentucky while patients like Everett struggle to hold their breath and wait.


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