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This Irish 8-Year-Old Epilepsy Patient Is Now 'Pharma Free' Thanks To Medical Marijuana

A mother's campaign to get medical marijuana for her young daughter has come to a happy end.

Vera Twomey recently secured a medical marijuana license for her 8-year-old daughter Ava, who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. Now, Twomey has announced that her daughter has been taken off all of her previous medications and is being treated solely with medicinal cannabis.

"Ava has become officially pharma free," Twomey told The Irish Sun. "We were scared and excited at the same time to know what it would bring."

Now she wants to spread her story throughout the British Isles. Earlier this summer, Vera spoke at the UK's House of Commons to advocate for medical marijuana. She says the new medication has helped Ava enjoy her childhood.

"The last couple of photos of Ava I think speak for themselves and as it happens so does Ava as she is singing the beginning of nursery rhymes now more and more," she said. "Happy and healthy as we can be we move forward better and brighter and looking forward to getting back to school."

Stories like Ava's have been the primary driver in changes to medical marijuana legislation in Europe as well as North America. However, access continues to be limited and expensive and many patients continue to go without potentially life saving medication.


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