This Hypnotist Thinks She Can Get You High With 'Mental Marijuana'

Hypnotist Jen Wilding thinks that she can help you get a marijuana high without having to smoke weed.

Wilding is the inventor of 'Mental Marijuana' - a set of hypnosis recordings intended to give you all the effects of smoking up, without actually doing it. She claims these two tapes - called 'Indica Meditation' and 'Sativa Meditation' - provide the same sensations as their namesake plants.

Wilding says the idea to create the recordings came from a client who frequently uses cannabis as a sleep aid. But they needed something a little less risky to use when visiting mom.

"She was planning to spend a week at her parents' house and, since they didn't live in a city that supported legal cannabis use, she wished to recreate the physical and mental effects in a drug-free way to ensure continued access to good quality sleep at night," Wilding told Markets Insider.

The 'Mental Marijuana' albums consist of gentle background music and the hypnosis dictation. Wilding says the hypnosis can be effective for "both deep relaxation and to generate that beautiful feeling of positive elation (or high) many people seek with medicinal plant use."

With the price of digital album going for a similar price as a gram, might as well give it a try, right?


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