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This Golf Course Will Let You Have a Toke Between Strokes

If you've been itching to smoke up on the golf green, your opportunity may be coming soon.

Canada will be getting its first marijuana-friendly golf course this April, when the Lombard Glen Golf & Country Club in Smith Falls, Ontario will be reopening as Rolling Greens. Golfers who visit the course won't able able to buy cannabis onsite, but they will be more than welcome to bring their own and enjoy a toke between strokes.

That move makes Rolling Greens the only golf course in the country that will allow patrons to consume cannabis onsite. In fact, many courses have formally banned marijuana. But Gordon Weiske - owner of Rolling Greens - says that's hypocritical.

"Golfers have been having a beer or two on the course for years and now then can enjoy smoking and still play the game," Weiske told TSN. He added that golf and weed are "a natural fit."

Weiske also said that the initial response to the reopening of Rolling Greens has been positive since there's no shortage of Canadians who want to puff and play.

"My phone has been buzzing almost non-stop since the announcement," said Weiske, adding that calls have come in from all over Canada, the US and Europe.

One downside to allowing cannabis on the course is that golfers who are under the age of 19 will no longer be allowed to play there. But Weiske hopes that will change in the near future since letting young players tee up alongside cannabis consumers is no different than letting them put next to drinkers, which is allowed at the moment.


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