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This Cannabis Subscription Box Makes Choosing The Right Products Easier

Two years ago, Natasha Irizarry was more than a little intimidated by any given cannabis shop.

“The thing that’s so exciting about the cannabis industry is that it’s moving so fast, but it can feel like a lot [for the consumer],” Irizarry told Civilized, adding that there are easily “hundreds” of new cannabis items hitting the market every week.  

“How is somebody supposed to have an emotional attachment to an item [when they’re] so overwhelmed by everything out there? When they don’t know what they’re looking at, how to use it, or anything about it, really.”

It was in the spring of 2015 that Irizarry first recognized this problem, and shortly thereafter came up with a solution: Boulder, Colorado-based Stashbox, the monthly subscription box that delivers a handful of cannabis products from trusted brands right to your door. From stunning glassware to scrumptious hemp-based treats (and virtually everything in between), each $30 box contains five to eight personalized items hand-picked for your perfect sesh. 

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A year and a half into operations – and with opportunities in the cannabis space continuing to blossom with the recent introduction of four new recreationally legal states – it would be an understatement to say that Irizarry and co-founder DJ Shott have their hands full.

And they’re about to get a lot fuller. In coming weeks, Stashbox plans to start shipping beyond its current territory of all 50 states – into Canada.

“We realized there was really nothing stopping us from shipping to Canada,” said Irizarry, who believes expanding demand for Stashbox services stems from the fact that she and Shott are “giving people a fun way to discover this lifestyle.”

Whether this is accomplished by having new customers fill out a questionnaire that helps curate their ideal subscription box, or by allowing cannabis companies the first-time opportunity to market directly to consumers, Stashbox’s end goal is to make the cannabis space an accessible one for everyone.

“One big thing we’ve learned from doing all these personalized boxes is that everyone has their own relationship with cannabis,” said Irizarry.

“Our goal with the company has always been to make [that relationship] and the cannabis lifestyle more approachable.”

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Natasha Irizarry, Stashbox Founder


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