This Cannabis-Infused Beer Replaces Alcohol With THC

A Colorado beer maker is substituting alcohol for THC is their newest brews. Keith Villa, owner of Blue Moon beer will be introducing a new brand of cannabis based beverages under his new brand CERIA.

CERIA won't be the first brand to operate in the marijuana-beer space. Brands like SuperCritical Ale which launched last year have been making beers infused with essential cannabis oils. But, the big difference here is that Villa's new products will contain THC, while where most of the other canna-beers on the market don't.

Federal law restricts brewers from actually putting THC in alcoholic beverages, that's why CERIA beers won't actually have any alcohol. Villa believes this will give him the ability to precisely tailor the experience drinkers will have.

"You can almost dial in the sensations that you want," Villa says.

He also suggests his brews come with a low risk of getting a hangover.

CERIA beer is slated for launch at the end of 2018. It will debut with three variants in Colorado, and will move to other legal states from there.


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