This Canadian Province Consumes the Most Cannabis

On June 26, The United Nations’ Office on Drug and Crime released its 2019 World Drug Report. There was, of course, much material about cannabis. Among other things, we now know which Canadian province leads the rest in cannabis consumption.

Overall, 14.8% of the Canadian population aged 15 and older reported using cannabis in 2017. In a province-by-province breakdown, British Columbia is the province with the highest percentage of cannabis use, at 23.4%. The next closest province is on the other coast: Nova Scotia, which had 18.8% of its population over 15 report using cannabis. The rest of the provinces break down thusly:

Manitoba - 15.7%
Alberta - 15%
Prince Edward Island - 14.6%
Ontario - 14%
New Brunswick 13.2%
Saskatchewan - 12.5%
Newfoundland & Labrador - 11.9%
Quebec - 11%

Of course, these stats are based on consumption rates in 2017, when legalization was a possibility but not yet a reality. We'll have to wait a while to see how legalization affects these numbers.

Elsewhere in the World Drug Report, it was reported that the number of people aged 15 to 64 who consumed recreational substances around the world in 2017 hit 271 million - a 30% increase from the numbers reported by the UN in 2009. 

For more of the stats on cannabis in Canada and elsewhere, read the UN report here.


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