This Canadian Company Is Offering Cannabis Cultivation Lessons For The Would-Be Grower

A gardening supplies store in St. John's, Newfoundland has found a new hit service in their home cannabis cultivation lesson. They're hoping to get would-be growers ready to go by the time marijuana is legalized later this year.

The Seed Company by E.W. Gaze has been operating in St. John's for over 90 years as one of Newfoundland's premier agricultural and gardening supply stores. Now, the company has taken a leap into the cannabis industry by offering cultivation lessons to people who would like to grow their own at home. A task which The Seed Company assistant manager Jackson McLean says isn't difficult to get started but hard to master.

"You gotta get the right lights, the right setup, the right ventilation to get a really good end product," McLean told CBC.

With the introduction of their home cultivation courses, The Seed Company has also begun working with hydroponics technology. While this may be new to them, it has been a favored method of cannabis cultivation for some time, and something McLean says his customers have been asking for.

"Hydroponics is growing without soil. So just put in water and you add nutrients to the water and then the plant roots go in and soak it up through the water."

You might expect these workshops to draw mostly millennials. But McLean says many of the class attendees were of the older generation, looking to use marijuana as an alternative to other medications.

"A lot of them are older people who have medical issues that they need cannabis for, and they have some gardening experience, and they want to put those two things together and grow their own medicine."


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