This Brewery Gives Employees Paid Leave When They Get A New Puppy

They say getting a puppy is like practice for having a baby – so why not treat new dog-owners like the parents-in-training they are?

This is the idea behind a new employee initiative at BrewDog, a brewery in Scotland (with plans to open a location in Ohio later this year) that has started offering employees a one-week “paw-ternity” leave.

The brewery announced earlier this week that any employee adopting a puppy or an older rescue will be granted a one-week leave to make sure their fur-baby gets all the necessary house training, vet visits and cuddling they require to adjust to the new home.    

The company says they are the first brewery in the United Kingdom - and first in the U.S. when that location opens - to offer paid time off for new pet-owners. The perk will be offered to more than 1,000 employees.

"It's not easy trying to juggle work and settle a new dog into your life, and many members of our crew have four-legged friends at home," said company co-founder James Watt.

"We wanted to take the stress out of the situation and let our teams take the time they need to welcome their new puppy or dog into their family."

The company’s website claims it was founded “by two men and a dog back in 2007”, so we’re not all that surprised they have such a progressive pet policy.

Employees who adopted fur-babies long before the new initiative was put in place aren’t don’t suffer a total loss. Company policy dictates that they get to bring their pups in to work any time they please.

h/t Travel and Leisure


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