The SkunkLock Wards Off Bike Thieves With A Spray That Makes Them Vomit

Ever had your bike stolen and wished you could induce uncontrollable vomiting in the person who stole it?

If so, your weird fantasy could soon become reality and you could keep your bike, assuming an innovative new product gets off the ground and onto your bike rack.

SkunkLock is the brainchild of a handful of San Francisco-based inventors who bill their product as “the bike lock that will make thieves vomit when they try to steal your bike.”

The conventional medium carbon steel U-Lock is rigged with a pressurized tank ready to spray a prospective thief with noxious chemicals. The super-smelly substance is sprayed when the lock (aptly colored black and white) is cut, opening the pressurized tank and releasing the contents.

“It’s pretty much immediately vomit inducing, causes difficulty breathing," Daniel Idzkowski, one of the inventors of SkunkLock, told The Guardian. "A lot of similar symptoms to pepper spray."

While the formula for the noxious substance is a secret, the company says on their website that “some versions of the SkunkLock may contain capsaicin compounds”; a natural irritant found in chili peppers and often used in pepper sprays.

The company adds it has already studied every state in the U.S. to make sure that the device is legal. They plan to do the same in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Japan and more.

SkunkLock is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, with hopes of hitting the US market by June 2017 and parts of Europe later that season.

Check out the video for SkunkLock below:


h/t IFLScience, The Guardian


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