This Arizona Lawmaker Wants to Drastically Reduce the Financial Burden for Medical Marijuana Patients

Sen. Sonny Borrelli (R-Lake Havasu) is introducing a bill that would make medical marijuana fees a whole lot less for patients.

Currently, medical marijuana patients in Arizona have to pay to have their medical marijuana card renewed - every year - for a fee of $150. That's on top of the cost of getting a doctor's recommendation, a process that can run patients as much as $300. That puts the fees for Arizona medical marijuana patients at around $450 annually - before they even purchase any medication.

Sen. Borrelli is hoping that he can drive some of those fees down. He's introducing a bill that would cut the annual license renewal fee by one-third down to $50. Additionally, a patient's first medical marijuana license would be eligible for two years and would have to be renewed annually after that. Borrelli says not only would his bill save patients money, but it would also reduce the workload for the state government as well.

"It would relieve the burden on the Department of Health," Borrelli told "They have such a short time in getting these cards in and out. So, for processing, why not have the card go for two years?"

Borrelli's proposed legislation comes after a series of failed lawsuits filed against the Arizona Department of Health, claiming the government body was illegally collecting more money than needed to administer its medical marijuana program.


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